About DMS

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Our Mission

DMS is committed to giving our client’s complete confidence in business IT by designing and implementing solutions and management strategies that provide reliable systems and lower operating costs.

We understand that your business is unique, and that you want IT and Communications solutions which meet your goals.

We believe that an effective partnership is built on trust, communication and understanding.

We believe in innovation, and finding newer, better solutions for the problems businesses face.

We have extensive expertise in harnessing the power of technology for Australian businesses, whatever their size and whatever their goals.

Our Story

DMS was founded in the city of Melbourne in 1989.

We were involved in integrating many businesses with computing technology for the very first time. The fact that we are still operating today is a testament to our hundreds of satisfied clients all over Australia, from small medical specialists to large multi-state retail businesses.

We fast became known for being one of the most trusted IT names in the Primary Health Sector, and we are dedicated to upholding this reputation today through continuing to provide best quality service, cost saving efficiency and technical innovation.

We are committed to actively growing market confidence and knowledge, by sharing our expertise and working with industry bodies such as AAPM, PHNs as well as leading medical software vendors. We continually support and and provide market education and networking. We continue to work with industry bodies to educate and ensure medical industry stays abreast of the rapidly evolving technologies impacting medical practice.

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