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Cybercrime in Australia is on the rise, with thousands of businesses suffering the impact of malicious attacks and data breaches. The risks faced by medical professionals are very real.

With so many web security products out there, it can be difficult to judge which product will give you the level of protection your business needs.

DMS takes the headache out of web security by providing the best products available for today’s market. Importantly, we also educate your staff and assist in policy documentation, to ensure that everybody’s use of your IT system minimises risks.

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Proactive Web Security

If there is one principle that should govern any security strategy, it should be being proactive. This produces the best results; minimises breach frequency and severity, and also has a positive impact on your bottom line.

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The Benefits of Proactive Web Security

A recent study comparing the financial impact of proactive or reactive IT security strategies within the Healthcare sector showed that it is indeed better for a business’ bottom line to be proactive:

“With the rapid escalation of information security breaches, organisations in every industry have struggled to learn how to defend themselves against an evolving set of threats. In the healthcare sector, protecting patient data — a rich source of personal information — has long been a concern…

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In our economic analysis, we found that the proactive group experiences smaller breaches and lower breach notification costs than the reactive group…

Managers… should pay considerable attention to decision processes in security investment in order to maximize the effectiveness of the investments. Such effectiveness is particularly important for organisations operating with constrained resources and evolving security threats.” (Kwon, Johnson, 2014)

Kwon, J., Johnson, M. E. (2014) Proactive Versus Reactive Security Invesments in the Healthcare Sector. MIS Quarterly, Vol. 38 (2), pp 451-471

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The DMS Anti-Virus Guarantee

With DMS Managed Security Services based on Webroot, any support time we spend removing viruses will be completely free!

Now that’s DMS confidence!

Want to protect your IT systems against any potential data breaches? Call DMS on 1300 865 977 today!


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