Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Your server just died… what do you do?

Would you be able to get your system back up and running again within minutes? If you could, would it be in the exact state it was in before it crashed?

We’ll design your system with a failsafe approach and use industry leading technologies to keep your network safe and resilient. If failures should occur, we will restore your operating environment rapidly and minimise costly down time, resulting in a hiccup not a disaster.

Medical Practices store a lot of sensitive and essential information on their IT systems, which means quick and efficient disaster data recovery is a must. This is why DMS uses and recommends the market leading StorageCraft solutions for data resilience and disaster recovery. With ShadowProtect v5.0 from StorageCraft, you can have your server up and running again in minutes, not hours or days.



DMS recommends disk-based backup with real time recovery (RTR) for high reliability rapid disaster recovery (RDR) at a more affordable price than high-capacity LTO4/LTO5 tape backup solutions.

DMS relies on ShadowProtect v5.0 from StorageCraft. DMS engineers have tested and deployed ShadowProtect in many medical clinics, and have proven it really works. Shadow Protect v5.0 offers a robust and proven backup solution that is easy to configure and use with the capability to capture an incremental ‘Image’ of the server at 15-minute intervals, with a (realistic) disaster recovery time of less than one hour with ‘VirtualBoot’ technology.

With this system, you can depend on the following if your system crashes:

  • 24/7 support
  • Rapid recovery times
  • Virtual boot, in instances where one server has become inactive another machine can boot and take its place
  • Server replication
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Our Recommendations for Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

To ensure your systems are safe and secure in every situation, we recommend the following technology:

  • An RDR server
  • A RAID NAS drive for the ‘image repository’
  • Multiple 1Tb external USB hard drives for off-site backup
  • A DMS DataKeeper for online backup and triple assurance
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Failsafe IT Systems for Medical Clinics

DMS designs medical clinic network systems with the principles of fail safe design, identifying the single points of failure and installing redundant components where required. The basic level Fail-Safe File Server is configured with an On-Board RAID1 Controller and 2 X RAID1 Array (Mirrored) drives, with a Hot Spare Drive. An internal Tape Backup system is configured to backup the complete Hard Drives Array. An Un-Interruptible Power Supply (UPS or Battery Backup) is essential, especially with today’s common power fluctuations.

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For larger Medical Practices, DMS recommends a Primary and Secondary Server configuration with a RAID5 Array (minimum 3 X drives) with a Hot Spare Drive. High availability options, which can be configured with automatic failover guaranteeing Zero Server Downtime, are also available but at higher costs. Data backup is essential. DMS recommends Disk Based Backup using ShadowProtect software.

To learn more about our Failsafe IT and rapid recovery technology and services, and which products will best meet your needs; contact the team at DMS today!


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