iHealth Monitoring Devices

Empower users to stay healthy

DMS are proud distributors of iHealth products, empowering patients and healthcare professionals. We all know that manually recording and tracking health readings can be a real burden.

Not anymore!

iHealth make a range of smart monitoring devices which sync with apps on a user’s device. The user simply takes a reading as they normally would, and the information is synced instantly with their app.

Viewing readings, trends and charts is easy with an elegantly designed user interface that displays information in a simple visual format.

Users can share data effortlessly with their family and healthcare professionals, making management of chronic diseases much easier.

iHealth medical monitor
iHealth product with app connection
iHealth product

Improve revenue and client engagement

Are you a medical practice looking to offer your patients innovative care while adding a new source of revenue?

iHealth products are a great solution.

Allow your medical practitioners to offer even greater levels of care by having easy access to more complete patient data. With iHealth, users can share data in seconds from within the apps. Book follow up appointments and increase contact based on this information.

iHealth products are affordably priced for your practice and allow you to create a new revenue stream in your waiting room or pharmacy.

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