What We Do

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DMS has been providing premier IT support for medical practices and other businesses for over 25 years. We have a combined technical experience of over 60 years. We have helped many clients maximise the efficiency and productivity of their systems, and we pride ourselves on providing a level of service, expertise and honesty that makes us one of the most highly regarded firms in the industry.

DMS is highly skilled in looking after your IT in any sector however we specialise in IT for Medical Centres, Specialist Rooms/Centres/Clinics, Priority Care Clinics, Primary and Allied Health, Imaging and Pathology Clinics.

We are highly knowledgeable in working with and supporting the various majority of clinical/medical software platforms such as Best Practice, Medical Director, Zedmed, Genie/Gentu, VIP.net,  Dental4Windows, Oasis, Stat, Frontdesk, Medtech etc.

We have expertise in the medical IT industry and closely work with all  electronic results downloaders, electronic script exchanges, online booking systems, clinical audit tool applications and secure medical messaging.

Our technical engineers are always keeping up to date with the latest IT hardware, software, configurations and security and are constantly training and building skillsets to provide you with the highest possible level of professional technical support and solution driven consistency.

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